High Risk Pregnancy Treatment

Dr. Charulata Bansal provides the best high-risk pregnancy treatment in Jaipur. She is an experienced doctor who had done hundreds of successful high-risk deliveries. If you are suffering from a high-risk pregnancy, we suggest you to consult with Dr. Charulata Bansal. She is a specialized high-risk pregnancy doctor. It is always better to discuss your health problems with the doctor before getting pregnant. This will help in planning for a safe pregnancy and ultimately for a healthy baby.

What is High-Risk Pregnancy?

A high-Risk pregnancy is a medical condition in which either, the mother or baby or sometimes both are at higher risk of facing health problems as compared with normal pregnancy.
Dr. Charulata Bansal is a leading high-risk pregnancy doctor in Jaipur. According to her, health-associated risks can develop at any time pre or post-delivery. It is to be noticed that high-risk pregnancy does not necessarily mean that health issues will happen; However, the risks of labor or birthing issues are higher than in a normal pregnancy. Generally, people with high-risk pregnancies require specialised high-risk pregnancy treatment to achieve a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Causes of High-Risk Pregnancy

There can be many reasons why a woman may experience high-risk pregnancy. Given below are some causes of High-risk Pregnancy:

Young maternal age or advanced maternal age

Women who get pregnant at an early age or at an advanced age(35 years or older) suffer more high-risk pregnancies and complications related to it. It is one of the biggest causes of high-risk pregnancy.

Pre-existing health conditions

Mothers suffering from any previous health problems have more chances of having high-risk pregnancies. Diseases such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, epilepsy, thyroid, heart disorder, endometriosis, PCOS, autoimmune disease, kidney disease, HIV, asthma, and infections might increase pregnancy risks in women.

Multiple pregnancies

One cause can be multiple pregnancies also. When a woman carries more than one foetus, her chances of experiencing pregnancy difficulties double.

Pregnancy Complications

Many health conditions grow during pregnancy and develop a possible risk to the mother or foetus. These conditions include anaemia, breech position, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, preterm labor, genetic defects, and infections.

Problems in a previous pregnancy

If you had problems like preeclampsia or preterm labor in a previous pregnancy, it can lead to increased pregnancy risk in the future.

Lifestyle disorder

At any stage of pregnancy, sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle choices such as drinking alcohol, smoking, substance abuse, and lack of exercise can also be one of the causes of high-risk pregnancy.

Symptoms of High-Risk Pregnancy

If you are experiencing any of the below mentioned symptoms then you must consult Dr. Charulata Bansal. It might possible that you have a high-risk pregnancy. But don’t panic, Dr. Charulata provides the best treatment for high-risk pregnancy in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

» Chest pain
» Fatigue
» Dizziness
» Severe headache
» Nausea
» Abdominal pain
» Movement of baby slowing
» Thinking to harm your baby
» Problem in breathing
» Vaginal bleeding

Who is More Likely to Suffer from High-Risk Pregnancy?

You might face high-risk pregnancy if you have any of the following problems:
» If your Blood pressure is High
» If you are suffering from Diabetes before or during the pregnancy.
» If you are having Kidney disease during pregnancy
» If you are having obesity
» If you had multiple pregnancies
» If you are already going through a medical condition
» If your age is more than 35 years or less than 18 years
» If you are having Thyroid disease
» If you are suffering from a blood clotting disorder
» If you are experiencing mental health disorders
» If you are having Fibroids/HIV or AIDS
» If you have PCOS or PCOD

High-Risk Pregnancy Treatment

Under the supervision of Dr. Charulata Bansal, a high-risk pregnancy can be properly monitored and managed at any stage of the pregnancy. Each woman's high-risk pregnancy treatment plan can be unique, based on her risk factors and overall health.
In some circumstances, doctors try to treat the underlying disease in order to avoid difficulties during pregnancy and delivery. But in some cases, pharmaceutical therapies are done to reduce the risk of problems and ensure a healthy pregnancy.
For more information, you can contact or book an appointment with Dr. Charulata Bansal. She will provide you high-risk pregnancy treatment according to your current health situation.